Complying Development Certificates in Lennox Head & Northern NSW

engineering consultants at construction sites hold blueprints in their hands

Are you building or renovating your property in Lennox Head or Northern NSW? Here at East Coast Building Consultants, we understand the desire to make the most of your build. That’s why we specialise in helping you navigate the process of obtaining a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) – a faster and more straightforward alternative to development applications.

What is a Complying Development Certificate?

A CDC is a fast-tracked building approval that applies to specific, low-risk building works. It allows you to get started on smaller projects sooner, without the complexities of a full development application. This includes projects like:

  • Decks and pergolas under a certain size
  • Swimming pools (restrictions apply)
  • Internal renovations (non-structural)
  • Sheds and outbuildings
  • Fences and retaining walls (up to a certain height)

Benefits of using a CDC

There are several advantages to using a CDC for your Lennox Head or Northern NSW project:

  • Faster approvals: CDC applications are generally assessed within a shorter timeframe compared to development applications. This means you can get started on your build sooner and avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Reduced costs: The application fees for a CDC are typically lower than those for a development application. Additionally, the streamlined process often reduces the need for extensive engineering or architectural involvement, further minimising costs.
  • Simpler process: The CDC application process is generally less complex than a development application. Our expert team at East Coast Building Consultants can guide you through the steps and ensure your application meets all the necessary requirements.

How East Coast Building Consultants Can Help

Not sure if your project qualifies for a CDC in Lennox Head or Northern NSW? We can help you determine the most suitable approval pathway for your specific needs. Our experienced team will:

  • Assess your project: We’ll review your plans and advise you on whether a CDC is the right option.
  • Prepare your application: We’ll handle the application paperwork, ensuring it adheres to all relevant regulations and planning codes.
  • Liaise with the council: We’ll communicate effectively with the local council on your behalf, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process.

Building Your Dream – Speak to the Experts 

At East Coast Building Consultants, we’re passionate about helping you realise your vision for your Lennox Head or Northern NSW property. By utilising a CDC where applicable, we can help you streamline the approval process and get you started on your dream project sooner.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help fast track you next construction project. Email or call our friendly team on (02) 6680 8705 and we’ll arrange a consultation and a free quote.