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At East Coast Building Consultants, we pride ourselves on three things:

  • Affordability – we keep the cost to you as low as possible with no hidden fees and no unnecessary extras.
  • Efficiency – we carry out fast, thorough inspections on every property, regardless of scale or type.
  • Local Knowledge – born and raised on the North Coast.

It’s our focus on these values that sets us apart from other building inspectors. We aid buyers and support sellers with services aimed at uncovering every potential fault and defect.

Your Local Experts

We are a local company dedicated to meeting local needs. For more than 15 years we have been providing concise and efficient inspection services to owners and buyers throughout the Byron Bay region. This means we have an intimate knowledge of local building standards and council regulations. We’ve since extended this local care and knowledge to Lismore and beyond – giving more people the benefit of our unique advantage.

Peace of Mind for Home Buyers

Buyers can rely on us to thoroughly inspect their preferred property – leaving no stone unturned or fault overlooked. Upon inspection completion, your East Coast inspector will provide you with a detailed report covering any issues revealed by our careful inspection process. Armed with this knowledge, you will be ready to make a more informed purchase decision.

Increased Certainty for Sellers

Sellers can be better prepared for putting your property on the market after receiving a detailed inspection report from East Coast. We will carefully assess every aspect of the property, providing you with a detailed list of any damage or pest problems that require attention prior to sale. This allows you to either fully repair the property prior to sale or provide buyers with every detail needed for them to carry out some DIY.

Choose East Coast Building Consultants for peace of mind at an affordable price. Book an inspection online today or call East Coast Building Consultants on (02) 6680 8705 to find out more.

If you are located in Sydney or the Central Coast and looking Commercial & Industrial Certification visit East Coast Certification Group.